A Rewarding Refrigerator Selection as Digital Beverage Cooler

The EdgeStar 80 canbuilt-in digital beverage cooler offers a front-door digital refrigeration unit at an extremely reasonable price. This handy EdgeStar built-in beverage cooler maintains up to 80 cans cold at an optimum temperature range of 38 to 50 F. It has a front-mounted water reservoir, and is equipped with three removable plates for soda trays and even condiment holders. The built-in can warmer keeps beverages chilled between refills, and will prevent them from warming up while they are being consumed. This innovative unit has a water reservoir that holds a large volume of ice, which is stored in a freezer. The reservoir also contains an ice cube tray. The ice cube trays hold several cubes of ice, and have separate compartments for soda and juice cans.

The EdgeStar can cooler has numerous digital displays which display the contents of the can, including the date, time, duration, calories and the temperature. There are also some useful features such as a clock, a calendar, a graphic, and a backlight. A soft touch electronic controls allow easy temperature adjustment, and the digital control panels and front panel bins have secure locks, making it easy to access the contents. This unit comes with a five year limited warranty. The slim 15 inch wide can fits neatly under a kitchen cabinet or in small under counter areas, and its compact size makes it easy to store and transport.

The EdgeStar can is made with a patented, double walled stainless steel body, along with a five quart capacity polycarbonate cooler box. The unit has an auto defrost setting, and a high efficiency spring design keeps the unit insulated at all times. The flat bar handle and removable can racks make it easy to store and transport, and there is also a helpful temperature range indicator on the outside of the box. The interior of the unit has a built-in lid, making it portable and safe.

A flat bar handle and side access opening ensure a secure and comfortable hold, and the innovative curved shape of the cooler allows for an optimized pour and drink placement. A protective lid locks securely on a sturdy steel shaft, and the innovative silicone sealing process guarantees product stability and long life. The upscale display features detailed, customizable graphics to fit any advertising message, and there is also a pop-up menu option.

The EdgeStar is one of three dispenser options available from FRS International, and it comes in two versions: the Standard and the Platinum. The Platinum model has an advanced cooling system that uses a high-tech compressor and an aluminum heating tower. The built-in beverage cooler utilizes a high-speed, two-speed, electronic rotary screw compressor. This powerful system allows for maximum beverage dispensing at maximum efficiency, and there is a built-in temperature gauge to indicate proper chilled temperature. There are also side access ports that allow for easy access of the product, and there is a water reservoir and a rubber drinking pad.

The FRS Stainless Steel Beer and Wine Cooler is also very efficient, and it has a handy cooling rack, a high-tech air compressor, and a convenient stainless steel pullout cooling rack. This refrigerator is a top-of-the line cooling unit, and it comes with a unique cooling rack, which allows for easy and efficient cooling. This refrigerator is perfect for your home or office, and there is a built-in digital beverage cooler with an integrated stainless steel water shelf and dual-cool towers. This refrigerator is also perfect for entertaining because it is compact and lightweight, and it comes with a durable non-stick cooling rack. This refrigerator also has a removable water tray that allows for easy cleaning.

The Beverage Airizer Refrigerator has a high-tech compressor, stainless steel water shelf and adjustable thermostat, and it offers an easy-to-operate button. This refrigerator has an efficient compressor that continually cools your beverages right before your eyes. The Thermicon digital beverage cooler offers a non-stick cooler for your convenience. The Thermicon cooler comes with a durable water tray, and it comes with a non-skid bottom panel and a black dotted glass door tint. This refrigerator is a high-tech appliance that offers a wide range of features.

The Thermicon Digital Beverage Cooler has a water-resistant design and is able to withstand high-temperature conditions. The Thermicon cooler has a unique and practical design that offers space saving benefits, along with its attractive exterior and reversible door. It has a unique dual-cool technology that allows users to change the temperature of one or more bottles at once. It has durable drip trays, adjustable water tray, adjustable air release valve, non-skid adjustable legs, and is easy to use with its touch pad control. It comes with a unique self-cleaning lid, a high-tech compressor, durable drip trays, and a durable non-skid bottom panel.

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