Digital Signage Manufacturers – Who Are on Top?

When you’re trying to find digital signage manufacturers, it’s important to remember that they are competing with each other in a marketplace that is becoming larger by the day. So it goes without saying that what one manufacturer can offer, another might be able to offer as well. In virtually every category, several companies came away with a clear winner, but in some areas where more than one company was leading the pack, there were some clear losers. This doesn’t mean that the winners weren’t as good as the losers though, because it often times happens that one manufacturer or company might have come up with something new and innovative. However, this shouldn’t give anyone any sense that there are no new and innovative digital signage manufacturers available to work with today.

digital signage manufacturers

It’s important to first understand exactly what makes for a good digital signage player. There are basically two types: analog and digital. There are also different ways in which these players can be integrated into the different types of networks. There are network applications and network-attached access (NAS) systems. Of course, the most popular application is the digital signage player itself.

The question at hand is how do you choose from among the many digital signage manufacturers out there? There are literally hundreds of options. One way to narrow down your options is to start off by identifying your specific needs. Once you have an idea of what those needs are, then you can begin to identify the companies that can meet those needs.

How are your specific needs defined? Some of the most important factors to consider include what the digital signage products need to support and to be compatible with the various devices that you plan on installing. Are you looking for digital signage products that can run only in harsh weather conditions? Are you hoping to use only LCD or plasma screens in order to eliminate glare from harsh weather conditions?

Other considerations to keep in mind include compatibility with the various network technologies, such as USB, Copper, DSL, and others. Are you planning on using a single IP address or multiple IP addresses? How about network usage? Do you want video walls or a combination of video walls and electronic displays? Once you have an idea in mind of your specific digital signage products’ suitability for your particular needs, then you can begin narrowing down your search until you find the best manufacturer in the digital signage market that can meet all of your needs.

The most popular three digital signage manufacturers currently are Brinks, Quicksilver and Sentric. Brinks offers the most flexible and easy to use software and has the highest number of positive reviews. According to one industry expert, “With such a competitive marketplace, it’s important to make sure that you are making the most of your investment in your digital signage. It’s important that your company understands what you need, and Brinks is one of the most accessible and comprehensive providers out there.”

Sentric has received the second most votes, followed by Quicksilver with ten. “Quicksilver is probably the most well-known brand of video wall software and they continue to grow every year,” according to a different industry expert. “They have a great product and the company is consistently generating good quality sales,” added another expert. “While prices are a little bit higher than the competition, the quality and dependability of their products definitely make them the leader,” concluded one customer. “It will be interesting to see if Quicksilver can continue to hold onto that top spot for much longer.”

One of the newest digital signage manufacturers to emerge on the scene is Brightworks. According to one expert, “They have a great product that has really picked up steam in recent months. They have really nailed the integration of technology and signage and that has set them apart from the other brands.” With over five hundred distributors across 14 counties in the United States, Brightworks has managed to stay even as the competition heats up. With strong support from Philips and Adobe, it looks like this company will continue to climb up the digital signage ladder, gaining valuable positions as the competition heats up.

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